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Unified Communications

Enrich Data Services understands that Unified Communications (UC) is essential to every enterprise’s operations. UC optimizes business processes and enhances human communications by reducing latency, managing flows, and eliminating device and media dependencies. This new reality is gaining momentum with existing and next-generation employees adopting an anywhere, anytime, any device dependency on information and communication – be it text, voice, video, or presence. The days of the store and forward communication, simply leaving a voicemail or email are diminishing.

Enterprises are finding that they can achieve greater impact by using Unified Communications and Collaboration capabilities to transform business processes. This is achieved by integrating UC functionality directly into the business applications using solutions provided by Enrich. We offer solutions for integrated voice, video, data, and mobile communications to produce cost savings, customer satisfaction, business agility, and growing revenue and profit.

Enrich offers the following Unified Communications solutions


By integrating communication technologies –such as video conferencing, IM, mobility and online collaboration – usually performed with separate tools, our VoIP solutions help boost productivity and reduce costs.

Enrich offers VoIP devices to suit every type of business user: from executives to operators, to remote workers, to call centre supervisors. With our VoIP telephony solutions, our devices come preconfigured, reducing dramatically the time required to deploy your VoIP business communication system. Our business VoIP communication system with built-in UC lets both on-site and remote users see who is available at any given moment, and decide how best to reach them. With less time spent playing phone-tag, everyone has more time for the real business at hand.


Work more productively and efficiently face-to-face with anyone, anywhere, anytime, using Enrich Video and VTC solutions. Enrich provides Unified Communications (UC) solutions that bring together an enterprise’s disparate communications systems into one holistic and integrated solution. Through a single, presence-enabled interface, an organization’s employees can much more quickly and efficiently converse with peers, partners, and customers using chat, telephony, or video—or a combination of all three.

Enrich has a broad portfolio of video conferencing solutions that include personal systems for use on the desktop, group systems for use in conference rooms and conference platforms for multiparty collaboration, recording and streaming, and other infrastructure support solutions.


Knowing where your co-workers or customers are, and if they are available, in real time—is a key component of unified communications.

Presence can show you who is logged into the network, where that person is, whether they are busy (e.g. on the phone, in a meeting, away from their desk, etc.), and if they are available for questions, assignments or collaboration. Presence also helps your employees avoid wasting time on phone calls or landing in voice mail.

Instant Messaging (IM) allows employees to communicate quickly, without the disruption of a phone call. Instant messaging is more flexible too: you can simultaneously IM with more than one person even if they are on the phone.

Enrich offers solutions to have presence, IM, and virtual meetings from essentially anywhere.


When employees can communicate and collaborate easily across an organization —whether sharing information in a presentation, working on a document together or instant messaging (IM) each other—productivity and business performance improves. Collaboration in technology encompasses a broad range of tools that enable groups of people to work together including social networking, instant messaging, team spaces, web sharing, audio conferencing, video, and telephony.

Collaboration delivers savings and value by bringing groups of people together to produce new ideas or products faster than ever before. This is done by converting in‐person meetings to instant virtual gatherings, and by merging unified communications tools with the documents and software tools that teams use to get their jobs done. The results are significant savings and efficiencies, as well as the potential for increased business growth.

Enrich offers collaboration platforms to allow your employees, customers and partners to intelligently connect and interact.

Session Border Controllers/SIP

Enterprises need session delivery network solutions to enable the delivery of interactive communications—voice, video and multimedia sessions—and data services across IP network borders. The cost savings associated to SIP for voice today are compelling drivers to this technology, but what about security? Session Border Control is essential in securing the enterprise voice and video infrastructure that is not addressed in traditional network gateways and firewalls.

Enrich’ session delivery network solutions can help enterprises realize the value of IP telephony, interactive video and unified communications, while increasing organizational collaboration, improving business productivity and speeding business agility. Enrich offers the following proven solutions that help enterprise networks deliver trusted, world-class unified communications and collaboration

  • Session Border Controllers
  • SIP trunking
  • UC partner solutions
  • Microsoft Lync Server solutions
  • Edge boundary controllers for AS-SIP applications

Enrich’ complete portfolio of solutions enables end-to-end interactive communications across IP network borders. The solutions are specifically designed to deliver

  • Strong security by safeguarding user confidentiality and privacy
  • Easy interoperability by mitigating multi-vendor, multi-protocol interoperability issues
  • Assured reliability by enforcing service quality and enabling high availability services

We specialize in the Enterprise Network Solutions!