Security always has an “us versus them” attitude. The bad guys out there churn out viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, malware and a plethora of other ware, all with a propensity to cause havoc in our computer systems while the good guys build programs to stop them. Traditional security has been focused on building high, strong walls around the enterprise often ignoring the fact that what’s inside is not secure. Security today must be more comprehensive while being non-obtrusive. The influence of virtualization, mobility, and BYOD has shattered the notion that a strong wall is enough in today’s enterprise.

Enrich Data Services understands the challenges IT departments face as they develop and implement information security policies and perform the daily security operations. Enrich will help your organization deploy an infrastructure that enables fast and secure access to the corporate network and resources, as well as to cloud applications for all authorized users while minimizing costs. In addition, we will help your organization address the common security risks that can cause loss of data, employee productivity, or both.

Enrich offers the following security capabilities:

  • Access/VPN
  • NAC – Network Access Control
  • IDS – Intrusion Detection Systems
  • IPS – Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Firewall
  • SIEM

We specialize in the Enterprise Network Solutions!